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Our Teaching Staff



The Kenosha Conservatory of Music offers the best teachers in the area. All of our teachers have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience or a Bachelor's degree or higher.



Greg Gierl - Guitar



Brandon Shilts - Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Hammond Organ, Piano



Jamey Buencamino - Guitar



Paul Pulera - Bass



Todd Greene - Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Drums, Harmonica, Voice



Travis Robinson - Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums



Allison Hull - Voice



Kristina Dahl - Voice, Piano



Julia Suchy - Piano



Shawn Drake - Violin, Viola, Fiddle



Jesse Gomez - Violin, Viola



Tony Clark - Drums, Percussion



Matt Stuebner - Piano, Keyboards